Frequently Asked Questions
Okay, that's a lie.
None of these questions has actaully been asked and certainly not frequently.
However, should you be inclined to ask any of the following questions, the answers are provided here.
1.  What is the purpose of
SMTM is simply a site to share images, videos and other documents related to the MINI.
SMTM is not a forum. There are already plenty of great local, national and international MINI forums with lots of MINI information and conversation threads.
2.  I'm already a member of a MINI forum and I can post pictures there. Why join SMTM?
The forums are a great place for chat and sharing information and experiences. However it can be quite a challenge to find a pic of a particular performance mod or color combination. SMTM has keywords associated with each image, video or other document. These keywords are fully searchable, allowing you to easily find what you're looking for.
3.  I'm already a member of a MINI forum. Can I use SMTM to host images for display there?
ABSOLUTELY!   Many forum users have no place to host their images or can't figure out how to get the secret URL from their garage pic to post in a thread. SMTM provides an easily viewable URL that can be used to add an SMTM hosted pic to a thread on any of the popular MINI forums. You may also host your MINI-for-Sale images here if you are selling your MINI on Ebay or some other online site.
4.  Do I have to sign up just to view images and videos on SMTM?
No. You only need an account if you want to contribute to SMTM, but If you've got pics, you really should share them.
5.  Do I retain the copyright for my contributed images?
Yes. Assuming they are your creation to begin with. I will not use your images without your express permission for any purpose other than displaying on this site.
6.  Are you planning on selling my email address, making it available to others, or spamming me with daily messages?
No, I will not sell or share your email address without your permission nor will I spam you with endless annoying messages. I will use it if I have a legitimate need to contact you. Also, I need a place to re-send your password should you forget it in the future.
7.  My original image was 1900x1425 pixels. Why is it only 800x600 after I uploaded it?
Any image with a dimension greater than 800 pixels is reduced to 800 pixels on the longest side, keeping the original aspect ratio. JPEG compression is also applied to further reduce the file size. This may cause a small amount of pixelization in the uploaded image. This is in an effort to keep file sizes down for quick loading into the browser and to keep me under my allowed space on my hosting server.
8.  I just uploaded some images but am unable to find them with the search feature. What gives?
A site administrator must first verify that an image is MINI related and that appropriate search phrases are applied before the image is available in the search feature. You can immediately link to any uploaded image, it just won't be available via search until validated. Be aware that non-MINI related images will be purged by the administraor.
FYI, I've made the uploads folder browseable so you can just point your browser to if you want to bypass the search feature and just browse all uploads.